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working at blurple

If “understanding, wondering, exploring, researching and producing the world” means you, you are not alone, there is a blurple team that shares these feelings and actions with you.

"Those who combine creativity with data and always think about the end user”

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We are deeply interested in digital culture and digital experience, we want to have a stake in today's digital transformation and tomorrow's digital world.

The first representatives of our common community culture and working philosophy that make up us; blurple employees; If you would like to join us as an experience expert, product manager or customer-user experience researcher, we would like to get to know you.

At Blurple, every employee can work freely from anywhere in the world with our remote working approach.

At the end of the 1st year, every employee becomes a natural partner of the company with the Stock Option program owned by our parent company in the USA.

our working philosophy

“Those who want to create value, those who do what they do passionately and those who pursue their future goals” With this perspective, blurple studio offers a working environment where you will feel that you are taking a step forward as you move.

We want to create a transparent team that can manage itself, act consciously at every moment, while doing this, we do not approach actions such as directing and directing as studio management on matters that we consider personal, such as where you work from, when the holidays should be.

Being a part of our team consists of people who are already responsible, conscious of the value they produce and the service they provide, acting with their goals and writing their own future together with the awareness of a collective team.

employment opportunities

On the first day you start working at blurple studio, we want you to feel that you share the same team with people who are pursuing a diverse common goal and vision.

Our goal is to improve our working conditions every day and to make you feel that you are part of a global consciousness while working here.

We offer the following terms for all employees;

  • Private health insurance

  • Remote Working Opportunity

  • Holiday Support

  • Technology Pack

  • Evaluation-Based Bonus Salary

  • Stock Option

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