🎯the way we work at blurple

"Those who combine creativity with data and always think about the end user”

We are constantly trying to improve our value standards that we set with our way of doing business, our values, our team communication and our communication style with our customers throughout the journey.

β€œWe know that the way we do business directly affects the quality of life of every blurple person, the quality of value created at the end of the day, the quality of experience we offer to our customers and our customers, and our future in every sense.”

The experience experts, product managers and analysts who make up blurple offer a vision that is a combination of blurple people, principles and creativity.

Decision-Making Power Belongs to Experts

blurple is a studio focused on consultancy and experience production, our team, consisting only of experts in the field, does not have to get approval from the managers outside the subject to make decisions, and therefore both stop personal development and waste time. Our team has the authority to make decisions about the project it carries out, because all team members are already experts in the subject.

Guiding and Mentoring

Our entire goal is to create value in the projects we are involved in and as a result of the services we provide, while at the same time being able to guide and mentor our stakeholders, tell what we know and learn what we do not know.

This is true within the team as well, the concept of mentoring we want to explain is to create a culture in which we constantly learn from each other and nurture each other, both within the stakeholders and within the team.

Our Curiosity for Details

"Small details make up the big picture"

At blurple, we aim to progress step by step by focusing on the details, without experiencing the stress of raising the processes that we have already planned from the beginning to the end of the working day and re-planning while in the process, improving the details and finally making a difference in the big picture. We know that small works and details are very important for the right pieces to come together in the big picture.

We, those who are curious, those who do the work we are curious about, those who are fed with new curiosities every day, those who are passionately in love with the beauty of the details as a result of our enthusiastic research, will continue to wonder.

Making Time for New Ideas

A new idea can come unexpectedly and open a new page, we have a weakness for new ideas from blurple, we have created a team that produces new ideas every day for our stakeholders who apply to us to create innovation and make it a reflex.

After the word "I have an idea" on blurple, all eyes will turn to you, we will continue to listen, understand and interpret, understanding new ideas, interpreting and giving feedback, one of the main factors that make up our community.

Self Tracking and Transparency

We are a team that has the competence and individual will to create our own ideas, working reflex and follow-up mechanism, not to be followed and managed.

The dependence of people on being managed is our nightmare, everyone knows their own duty on a common management mechanism in blurple, follows their own duty and shares it transparently, we continue to develop our business management scheme with our common will.

Respect for Thought / Freedom of Opinion

We are deeply committed to respecting the shared idea and supporting freedom of opinion as much as our enthusiasm for a new idea within the team or towards our stakeholders.

We know that even if we don't like an idea for minds based on creativity like us, or even if we don't share the same feeling, every idea is very valuable for the development of our community and our world and takes us one step further, opens a new page and changes our way of thinking. With our way of thinking based on evaluation and questioning, we can listen and discuss with each other respectfully.

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