✨how can you work with blurple?

If you are interested in the services we provide in our studio, the way we do business and the quality of our output and would like to work with us, we would be pleased to meet you.

The journey to become a customer at blurple offers a clear process for both the client and studio staff, where we understand each other very well. At the end of this fast and effective process of getting to know each other and understanding the expectation, if both parties want to move forward, we move on to the bidding stage.

1. Meeting

If you are thinking of getting to know us better and getting an offer from us, we would be pleased to meet you and introduce ourselves.

We wish to be matched in the demand-solution projection within the meeting to meet you, understand your request and meet your request by scheduling a meeting.

2. Discovering

With the experience we have gained so far, perhaps the most important thing we have understood and the first thing we have accomplished is to clearly understand the project process in all its lines at the beginning of the process and to create the roadmap, for this we work with you in efficient times and to understand you with all the details in order to minimize the risk of cumulative time loss of the parties. We work, the team leader manages this process and communicates directly with our potential customer.

Every professional structure that skips the analysis phase at the beginning of the project process or does not show the necessary effort is fighting serious problems that waste more time and effort in the project process, the most important step for us is to start the process with the right analysis from a preventive point of view.

3. Creating a Roadmap

We create a road map in which we set the appropriate environment for the project to be created in a safe area, with efficiency and by targeting the right output quality, where we determine the team system, project duration and process, development stages that we recommend for your project, your request.

4. Proposal

As soon as it is formed with the planning details and only the submission and approval stage of the proposal is left for the project start, we plan to propose through the meeting and our team leader presents the process to the customer.

5. Contract

As soon as there is an agreement after the proposal, our legal team prepares a contract that includes the entire scope of the project and shares it with our client, and we set up the infrastructure and environment required for the project during the signing process.

6. Kick-off πŸš€

Maybe we start a journey where we aim to present the project development process with the right experience while creating the experience for the end user.

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